Books & Funnels is a new complete book creation and marketing concept exclusively for entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants.

First, we provide you with your own book creation and publishing team that takes you from idea all the way to a professionally published book.

Then we help you leverage it with our proven Authority Book Funnel that will not only get you leads, but help sell your most expensive services.


We'll have a meeting to decide on the positioning and purpose of your book.


We will work up a more detailed outline and send to you for review


We’ll conduct 3-5 interviews to pull all the content out of you.


We'll convert the content from those interviews into a professional and high quality manuscript.


Manuscript revisions that incorporate all your own changes


Formatted and published on paperback and Kindle.


We'l run a book marketing campaign to make it an Amazon Bestseller


National news release and an appearance on a iHeartRADIO show to leverage your new status.


Work with you on creating a self liquidating funnel that will grow your business using the book as a catalyst

You have a book in your head that you know will help you and your business...but you haven't done it yet.

Aside from ditching the dream completely, what are your options?

There are 3 phases to successfully publish a book,  and then leverage it to grow a business. There are several ways to successfully accomplish each phase. 

Read though each phase below to see which solution fits you best, and if you qualify to work with us. 


The first step is actually writing, or creating, your book.

Compare the features of the 2 most common ways to write a book, and compare it with our process.






Since you will be doing all the writing the cost will be low.  However, you still need to account for things like editing, formatting and cover design. 

A minimum cost for a reputable ghost writer is $25-40k. Price depends on quality and their level of specialty in your market.

Our flat fee is a reasonable investment for the high quality package we deliver, and the amount of time savings for you.


You will have to write, edit, publish and market it all yourself. This will take the same amount of time as writing it yourself. Average time from 100-200 hours

You'll spend 10-20 hours finding, interviewing and hiring a ghost writer. Then you have to manage them to ensure they deliver quality work.

We just need about 4 interview sessions with you to get all the content. Then you'll spend another few hours in editing.


Unless you can shut down your core business, you'll just be able work on the book in your spare time.

The writer will have to research and understand your industry before beginning the writing process.

We have a proven system that quickly moves from a concept, to a published book.


You are writing every word yourself, so you need to not only be highly skilled, but also enjoy the writing process since it will take a lot of your time.

Since it will not be your ideas and words, you don't have to write anything.

While it is 100% your words and ideas, we do all the writing and editing.  


There are just so many hurdles for you when writing and publishing a book on your own. In most cases, you will make it through a few, but eventually one will stop the entire project.

They will almost always deliver a finished manuscript because they are anxious to close it out and move on to their next project.

After we complete the final interview with you, it will take just a few weeks to get your book completed and published. 


You have to do all the work yourself. From writing to publishing to marketing and leveraging to grow your business.

You'll get the manuscript, but nothing else. You still need to publish and market the book, plus find a way to integrate it into your business.

We deliver the manuscript, publish the book and market it until it becomes a best seller. Then we also help develop a strategy to use the book to grow your business.


This option is best if you enjoy the technical writing process, and have time to dedicate to it over the next 6-12 months.

This option is best if you don't have a basic understanding of the topic you want the book to cover.

This option is best if you have a specialized area of expertise, and would rather use your time to grow your business, not sit at a computer and type a book.


Once you've decided on the best solution to write your book, you need to decide on how to get it published. Here is a quick overview of the three options you have to publish a book. 

Compare the features of the 3 publishing options below to see which one is best for your situation.






You retain full control of the intellectual property rights.

The publisher maintains full control and rights.

You have full control of all intellectual property rights.


If you are not familiar with the publishing industry, and have a proven plan, you could spend a very long time getting your book available.

Typically takes 18-24 months to bring to market.

Our entire process is as fast as 8-12 weeks from the time of our first phone call with you.


Unless you have deep knowledge of the industry, you will be limited to Amazon.

Traditional publishers are able to get you listed and available for sell offline as well as online.

You book will be available at most bookstores throughout the US and also major online retailers.


You keep 100% of the royalties.

Average of 4-15% royalty.

You keep 100% of the royalties


No requirements

Most publishers require authors to buy 2500 books (at a cost of 50% off retail)

No requirements. Plus we include 50 copies which we'll ship to your home or office.


This option is best if you just want a book as a passion project, and not a business generating tool.

This option is best if you are a proven author that can sell at least 50,000 books at launch and has an in house marketing team.

This option is best if you do not already have a traditional publishing deal, and want to use your book as a way to grow your business.


Now that you know the best way for you to create and publish your book, the next step is decide on how you will leverage a book to grow your business.

Compare the features of the 3 most recommended solutions  below to determine what is best for you.






Although you will save money by not hiring a PR firm, you will still have to pay for press releases, demo reels, pitch sheets, book marketing campaigns and business integration consulting.

Most PR companies would require a 6-12 month commitment at $1500-$5000 a month.

We include this in the price, so there are no additional charges.


You will have to buy premium press releases ($149-$249 each) and write them yourself.

These are included in most packages, but if they don't specialize in book launches, they may get limited exposure.

Our PR department specializes in book launches, and we guarantee exposure on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX.


It will be very hard to get media appearance unless you have an inside contact.

They usually have a few inside contacts, but you'll have to wait 3-6 months to get on the shows.   

You get a guaranteed interview on popular business show on iHeartRadio the day your book launches. All of our authors also get interview coaching, a demo reel and a pitch sheet.




We include a book launch campaign and guarantee it will become an Amazon best seller.




We design the book from the ground up to be a tool to grow your business. We'll help develop a specific strategy that meets the needs of your business.


This option is best if you have very limited resources, and are not a place professionally to use book to grow your current business.

This option is best if you have more substantial financial resources, and have a monthly need for PR services for the next 6-12 months.

This option is best if you want someone that specializes in helping entrepreneurs leverage a book to grow their business.


Take this short feasibility assessment and we will help you determine if you are ready to write a book, how you can use it as a marketing tool in your business and what type of results you should expect.

What if I’m not sure I have enough to say for a book?

Talk to us. We’ll help you figure out if your idea is good enough for a book. Our process does not work unless you actually have a book’s worth of ideas in your head. But the reality is that someone who has deep expertise in a field typically has knowledge that would be interesting to others.

Am I the author of the book?

Yes, you’re the sole author of your book, and yes, it is in your voice. You are the only one contributing the ideas, the knowledge, and the content to the book. We are essentially a conduit to get your ideas into a book by properly structuring and organizing and recording them. But the ideas and content are 100% yours.

How long does the whole process take, start to finish?

If you work at our speed, we are comfortable promising a completely finished and published book within 4 months (sometimes a little shorter).

How long will my book be?

Book length is entirely dependent on the author. We don’t have a fixed length, but generally find that most authors end up around 150 pages. Based on our research and testing, this is the optimal length for non-fiction books. It is not an intimidating length, so readers are more likely to buy and actually read the book, and it’s about the right length for most authors, where they are saying substantive things, but not repeating themselves or padding the pages.

How many books should I expect to sell?

We do not recommend focusing on how many books you will sell. This is because book sales is a poor measure for ROI. Professionals see books as general marketing tools, not profit centers themselves. For example, if you’re a consultant or a coach, and a client is worth $20,000 to you, then one client covers the investment in your book.

Can you get me on a bestseller list?

Yes, in fact that is part of the included marketing campaign. We promote your book to email lists and groups that are interested in your book topic. This usually results in the book becoming number a best seller in at least 1 Amazon subcategory. We do not run campaigns for New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestsellers. These are very expensive, and not our focus. However, we can recommend a consultant to add on this service.


Books & Funnels provides you with your own professional publishing team that takes you from idea all the way to professionally published book, and then helps you leverage it to grow your business.

However, not everyone is ready for this service.  

If you think you’d like to work with us, fill out the form below and one of our Publishers will be in touch with you shortly.

The Publisher will discuss your book idea with you, see whether we're a good fit for each other, and if so, talk about potential next steps.  


If you are ready to cross "Write a Book" off your bucket list, and rise to a higher level in your career, click the button below to contact our publishing team. We just need a little information, and we'll respond back with an honest tell assessment as to if you are qualified for our service.